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The mission of the High Cascades Forest Volunteers is to help maintain, restore and preserve the public lands and resources administered by the National Forest Service for present and future generations.
Volunteers are needed for a wide range of activities and there are plenty of opportunities to match everyone’s interest and skill. Tools and equipment will be provided.   Horses or llamas will help carry equipment for some of the organized summer projects.   Here’s a sampling of projects:

To be a forest volunteer we ask that you attend one of three training weekends. There is no charge for the training and free camping is available. The first training opportunity is in April at Cascade Locks,  The second training opportunity is held in May at White Branch about 15 miles east of McKenzie Bridge, OR. The third training is in June at the Allingham Guard Station located west of Sisters, OR near Camp Sherman.  If you wish to sign up for classes, click on the Spring Training Button and then chose the registration form for either West Cascade (White Branch) or East Cascade (Allingham).   In exchange for this valuable training, we ask you to donate at least 16 hours of your time over the year volunteering on the many projects offered by the High Cascades Forest Volunteers and the Pacific Crest Trails Association.  If you wish to be a volunteer click on Volunteer Application

Classes may include trail maintenance, trail crew leadership, First Aid/CPR certification, cross-cut and chain saw certification, wilderness stewardship, adopt a trail/lake programs, map/compass, identify/remove noxious weeds, monitoring historic sites, survival tips and more.  Click on Spring Training and Class Descriptions to see the classes offered this year.

Who can volunteer:

Anyone over the age of 18 may apply to volunteer. If you are under the age of 18 you may still participate by working with your family, group, club, or responsible adult(s).

Benefits of volunteering:

Besides the great benefits of helping your National Forests, you will:

Gain a sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment in performing a much needed service.
Learn new skills, which you can share with others.
Make a positive contribution to the forest areas you have enjoyed using.
Meet new people and make new friends.

Adopt your favorite lake/trail
Learn advanced trail building techniques
Work with a trail crew for a weekend
Clear rocks and brush from trails. 
Restore campsites around lakes
Monitor wilderness campsites
Greet and inform visitors. 
Survey trails for winter damage.  
Maintain trail signs for summer and winter trails 
High Cascades Forest Volunteers.
Our future volunteers
"The SCORPION CREW (based out of Eugene/Springfield) plans mid-week work parties year round. Normally these are on Thursdays but during summer we tend to work both Tuesdays and Thursdays. We focus on the Willamette Middle Fork (HWY 58) and McKenzie (HWY 126) areas, and occasionally work the Sweet Home and Siuslaw areas.

In summer, one of the main priorities is logging in the Wilderness areas which requires the use of a cross-cut saw. We often return to the same trail multiple times to finish the job and sometimes we work multiple trails the same day. Work consists of logging (primarily with cross-cuts), brushing, tread work, reconstruction, drainage, and occasional new trail construction.

We keep going on the high elevation trails until weather/snow forces us out. Winters we work the lower Cascade elevations doing rehab and regular trail maintenance with brushing, tread work, and logging.

All levels of skills and trail work experience are welcomed. Plenty of OJT (on-the-job training) is available. While the primary goal is quality trail work, we need to have fun doing it. Each individual works at their own pace and what they feel most comfortable doing. Tools (x-cuts, pulaskis, hazel hoes, etc.) are furnished. You will need to furnish your own gloves, sturdy boots, long pants/shirt, hardhats (some available to borrow), and rain gear if needed (it is Oregon you know). Also, bring lunch, water, and snacks.

Each week, an email is sent with where we're going and what we're going to be doing. Then folks decide if they plan on coming or not. There is no obligation to go out so many days a year, etc. Folks go when they can and work with the tools and do the jobs they are most comfortable with. There is never any pressure. Our “pay” comes in the form of being out where we really want to be with a group of like-minded folks.

If you are interested in mid-week trail work and want more information or to be placed on the Scorpion Crew email list, please contact:

Ron Robinson High Cascades Forest Volunteers Scorpion Crew lescass12@earthlink.net"

The High Cascades Volunteers organization is forming a partnership with the U. S. Forest Service.  Our goal is to support the good work that you all do into more areas of the forest.  We might monitor a creek water quality, restore a remote forest cabin, or fund a NEPA study for a new trail.  Of course, and you knew this was coming, it can only happen with your continued support of volunteer hours, and individual donations.  Press that PayPal button now to make it real. 
The HCFV is a 501(c)3 public nonprofit, EIN 82-4734321. 
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