High Cascades Forest Volunteers
Scheduled Trail Projects

The SCORPION CREW plans mid-week work parties year round. Normally these projects are on Thursdays but as things change some on Wednesdays and several times a year we offer mid-week overnight trips.  

During the Spring, work is usually done in the lower Cascade elevations in the Willamette National Forest moving into the higher elevations of both the Willamette and Deschutes as the snow recedes in Summer and into the Fall. We keep going on the high elevation trails until weather forces us out. In ealy springDuring the Spring, work is usually done in the lower Cascade elevations in the Willamette National Forest moving in Drift Creek Wilderness Area out of Waldport. We've had a three day work party/campout in March/early April there the for many years and the past several years stay at a house on the Siuslaw Ranger Station in Waldport. Most of the winter we've spent a lot of time building trail and other project work on the During the Spring, work is usually done in the lower Cascade elevations in the Willamette National Forest moving inh Fork Willamette Trail, Salmon Creek Trail. Flat Creek Trail, and Fall Creek Trails  out of Westfir and Oakridge.  Our goal is to go out a minimum of two to three times per month year round.  In the past few years we've been out over 45 days each year usually hitting 25 or so different trails.  Work consists of logging (primarily with cross-cuts), brushing, tread work, reconstruction, drainage, and new trail construction. We often return to the same trail multiple times to finish the job and sometimes we work multiple trails the same day.  In summer, one of the main priorities is logging in the Wilderness areas which requires the use of a cross-cut saw

We strongly believe in training and encourage all present and future trail workers to participate in at least one of the three training weekends available. The training helps our members learn and develop their trail work skills. One class in particular we push is the x-cut certification. We encourage all members to get their "B level" x-cut certification.  Also those interested in chain-saw certification can get it there.  Both x-cut and chain-saw certification require a current Wilderness First Aid and CPR cards.  

All levels of skills and trail work experience are welcomed. Plenty of OJT (on-the-job-training) is available. While the primary goal is to create a trail that is safe and easy for people to use, we need to have fun doing it. Each individual works at their own pace and what they feel most comfortable doing. Tools (x-cuts, pulaski's, hazel hoe's) are furnished. You will need to furnish your own gloves, hardhats and rain gear (it is Oregon you know). Also, bring lunch, water and snacks.

If you are interested in mid-week trail work and want more information or to be placed on the "Scorpion Crew" email list contact:

Ron Robinson
High Cascades Forest Volunteers  
Scorpion Crew  
541 736-9697

Detroit, Sweet Home Ranger District

Looking for some hardy volunteers to join us on the Detroit/ Sweet Home Trails. We camp out in the backcountry for most projects or truck camp near the work projects. Volunteers would have to drive to the site to meet us for the work projects. We can bring extra safety gear if requested ahead of time.

Some project dates may need to be altered based on snow level.  Please call or email to confirm project dates.

Reconnaissance: looking for volunteers to help collect data on the condition of trails for both Sweet Home and Detroit Ranger Districts, contact Brandon Haraughty at 503-854-4222 or bharaughty@fs.fed.us for details

​Contact Brandon J. Haraughty                   Trails Coordinator            503-854-4222      or      bharaughty@fs.fed.us for details