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Saw Re-certification Registration

Please fill in your latest year's Certification information below.  A current CPR and First Aid card is required to be Certified.  You need to bring your First Aid and CPR cards with you to class for proof of First Aid and CPR certification.  If you are taking First Aid and/or CPR at Allingham or Santiam, you will receive your Saw Certification Card after you finish your First Aid and/or CPR class. 
Xcut Saw.
Power Saw.
Certification Date.
The following classes are being given for saw recertification. No recertification classes will be given at Spring Training.  Re-certification is for 3 years.
Classes are 8 hrs which includes working on an actual trail. Please dress for working on a trail.   Classes are limited to 4 students.  If there is only one student registered for a class, the class may be cancelled or combined with another.   Check whether you wish to re-certified for Crosscut or Power saw, if you wish to re-certify for both on the same day, select both.  To certify for Power Saw you must bring your own power saw.

If you have not received a confirmation letter within 5 days, email Bea Anderson traininghcfv@gmail.com.

You will be contacted by the instructor prior to the certification class, with time and location.  If you haven't heard from the instructor five days prior to class, email Bea Anderson at traininghcfv@gmail.com
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If you don't receive a confirmation letter within 5 days, contact Bea Anderson at traininghcfv@gmail.com.
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Level       Expiration Date
Middle Fork Ranger District
McKenzie River Ranger District
(Detroit/Sweet Home)
Santiam River Ranger District
Bend Ranger District

Sisters Ranger District

All venues will certify both crosscut and power saw.  Classes will be limited to four.  
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First Aid.
Willamette National Forest
Deschutes National Forest
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April 29 - full
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March 15
March 29
April 19
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Power Saw Recertification
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