Volunteer Groups

Here are some of the groups that have donated many hours of service to keep our forest in good shape. There are many more! Contact one of these groups if you're interested in the work they do and would like to join them. 

Emerald Empire Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Oregon - BBECH
Local Horsemen that ride in the Mountains and Wildernesses of Willamette and Deschutes Forests
Certified Leave No Trace Master and Trainer level trainers
Certified Sawyers 
Trail Maintenance Crewleaders
Adopters of section of the Pacific Crest Trail from Pengra Pass north to Bobby Lake
Active in preserving equestrians rights to ride on public lands through out our area
37245 Wheeler Rd,  Pleasant Hill, OR 97455 --Phone 541-337-3138

Disciples of Dirt - DOD
Volunteer bike enthusiasts provide general trail maintenance on many of the district trails, including tread repair, removing logs, and erosion control.maintenance. www.disciplesofdirt.org/

Oregon Equestrian Trails - OET
Several chapters of OET have been volunteering for over 25 years performing trail condition surveys, trail maintenance, horse camp repairs and camp ground construction. These groups have done work all across the Willamette National Forest. www.oregonequestriantrails.org

Pacific Crest Trail Association - PCTA
This group has been volunteering for 15 years, performing trail condition surveys and trail maintenance along the Pacific Crest Trail on the Willamette National Forest. www.pcta.org

High Cascade Winter Trail And Shelter Volunteers
If you are interested in helping maintain the winter cross country and snowshoe trails or, adopting a winter shelter, this is a program for you.  The program involves a fall training session with the Middle Fork Ranger District where we get together as a group to complete a project, give input on future projects, get supplies like diamonds and nails, review safety protocols and get to know other volunteers.  At previous trainings we have put up new diamonds, cleared trails of trees and branches, replaced the ladder at Fuji Shelter and put up new signage.   Once you have chosen a trail or shelter to adopt you begin by working with the coordinators on what needs to be done.  When you become knowledgeable about how to take care of your trail, that trail becomes yours to maintain.  If you are interested contact Lyndell Wilken at:    lwbicycle@yahoo.com

High Cascades Forest Volunteers
Other Volunteer Groups

Central Oregon Trail Alliance - COTA
The Central Oregon Trail Alliance is dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use trails and to preserving access for mountain bikers through advocacy, education and promoting responsible trail use.   http://www.cotamtb.org
COTA   P.O.  Box 555, Bend, OR 97709
Woody Starr, Chairman
Corvallis To The Sea Trail - C2C
This is a trail linking the Corvallis area with the Oregon coast.
The C2C partnership is a collaborative grassroots effort consisting of local and regional trail enthusiasts.  In the past 7 years, volunteers have contributed more than 15,000 hours towards the establishment of the trail.  http://www.c2ctrail.org
Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards - GOATS 
GOATS mission is to protect, create, and enhance quality trail experiences for mountain bikers in cooperation with other trail users in the Oakridge area.  In addition, we actively promote responsible trail use, support volunteer trail work, assist land managers with trail management issues, and improve relations among all trail user groups. http://www.oakridgegoats.org
Sisters Trails Alliance - STA 
Established in 2001, the Sisters Trails Alliance (STA) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to planning, constructing and maintaining walking, hiking, cycling and equestrian trails in Sisters Country.http://www.sisterstrails.com
is partnered with the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests to preserve Central Cascades Wilderness areas for present and future generations. FCCW seeks to promote public awareness of the need to protect wilderness lands. FCCW works with Wilderness Rangers to maintain and improve wilderness character, and supports wildlife studies and research.

FCCW members receive Forest Service training in Wilderness Stewardship skills such as campsite restoration and backcountry monitoring. FCCW members install trail junction signs and campsite posts, restore overused campsites and day use areas, eliminate undesirable fire rings, collect litter and perform some limited trail maintenance tasks.  FCCW members promote wilderness ethics by teaching minimal impact recreational use practices on all their outings and through their educational hikes. 

Website:  http://centralcascades.org

Contact FCCW at info@centralcascades.org or (541) 390-2400