High Cascades Forest Volunteer
Work Report Instructions
Work Report Form
Basic Information

*When filling in a text box that has instructions, please clear the box before entering your information.

*The project name, ie. Trail name, Site name, etc. and one volunteer and hours are required fields and the form will not submit if they are not filled in.

*It would be helpful if one person filled out the work report form for the project and listed all the volunteers and their hours.  Getting several reports for the same project is confusing and leads to duplication.

*When filling out the form, please enter all the information you have available so we will know what work has been accomplished and what work still needs to be done.

*When you have filled in all the information, click on "Submit." Your work will be submitted.  You can use the "Go to top of page" button if you wish to review your entries.

*If you select Administration, Training, Meeting or Computer as work type, you should select Supervisor's office as the district.

The first page you will see when selecting HCFV work report is the Work Type page.  Click on the type of work you did.  If you did more than one work type, you will need to fill out more than one work report form.  If you surveyed a trail and then cleared the trail, report all your hours under trail maintenance, since the trail has been cleared there is no need for a separate work report.  If there are still items needing to be done, report those under Work Remaining to be Accomplished.

When you click on the work type, you will be taken to the work report form for that type of work.  Fill in the form and click on the submit button and work report will be sent to the person entering the data to the data base.  A report will be created and sent to the Forest Service Land Manager for the Forest and district you specified.  A report will be sent to your email address and the person you directed to receive the report.

Start Date/End Date: Start date is required
These are drop-down boxes.  You can either click on a box and select a Month, Day, and Year or you can type in the information.  End Date only needs to be filled in if it is different than Start Date.

Forest and Ranger District:   
These are options boxes. Click the District in the option box in which you were working. If you are working on a trail that spans more than one Forest, either enter the Forest where the most work was accomplished or make two reports.  

If this is a wilderness area, select the one in which you worked.  If it is not a wilderness area, select Non-Wilderness.  If you don't know whether it is wilderness then select "Non Wilderness."  If you do not select one of the options, non-wilderness will be entered into the data base.

Volunteer Names:  The first volunteer name and hours are required 
Enter the name of the person filling out the form and their hours.  Tab to the next field and enter the next volunteer and their hours.  Fill in the age, if known.  Once you filled in your age, on subsequent work forms you don't need to enter age again, unless you have a birthday.   Continue until all volunteers have been entered.  If you have more than 12 volunteers, click on "More volunteers"  you will be able to enter 24 more volunteers.  If you have more than 36 volunteers you will need to create another work report.  

E-Mail Address:  
Enter the e-mail address of the person filling out the form or the crew leader.  If clarification is needed, this person will be contacted.  This person will receive a report of the information they provided.  If someone other than the person filling out the form needs a copy of this report, enter their email address under the second email address and that person will be sent a copy of the final report.

Group Name:
If this is a group project, enter the name of the group.  Reports can be generated by group and projects.  If no group is listed, HCFV will be entered.

The rest of the form is about the work you did and should be self-explanatory.  Fill in as much information as you can.  It is especially helpful to have work not accomplished since the Land Manager or other volunteers will know which trails need more work.

If you have questions, e-mail beaa78@gmail.com for clarification.  

The work report furnishs  the Forest Service Land Managers with needed information on what work was accomplished to better manage the trails and campgrounds.   We also post information from work reports on this web site to keep volunteers up-to-date  on trail conditions.
 If you have  questions, please email  beaa78@gmail.com, and I will get the answer for you.